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                Consulta en línea de QQ
                Consulta en línea de QQ
                Consulta en línea de QQ
                Consulta WeChat
                0576-81100392 info@jinfengmould.com
                Publicado: 2018-03-15 17:20:03 
                Taizhou JOBO Machinery Mould Co. Ltd was established in year 1988, focusing on cap manufacture industrial for 30 years.
                In year 2007, we developed the plastic cap compression molding machine and applied for national patent.
                In November 2017,we successfully developed the second generation plastic cap compression molding machine. It will be shown in this exhibition.
                Hydraulic plastic cap compression molding machine is used to make the particles of plastic to the bottle caps of carbonated beverage and mineral water by high temperature plasticizing. In the market, the mainstream compression molding machine speed is 2-3 times faster than the traditional injection molding machine .As a machine exclusively used in cap making , this speed can not be judged as super fast. So in order to improve the machine speed and stability, except the mold and machine structures, the hydraulic system design is the key point .Different with the widespread-used hydraulic system design in the market, our company invented the end surface hydraulic pressure allocator , which provides a high and low pressure comprehensive configuration, the assignment scheme to achieve the purpose of conveying oil, the pressure of plastic cap forming and cylinder moving completely separate, so that the cap quality and the hi-speed of the machine can be guaranteed.
                Benefit from this advanced design , the machine speed can reach 48000-60000 pieces caps per hour, which equals to 3-4 time speed of the same cavity compression molding machine in the market and equals to 9-12 times speed of the injection machine ,while the power consumption only increase few, so that the cost of each cap reduced a lot. In addition, the end surface hydraulic pressure allocator simplifies many unnecessary hydraulic parts to improve the machine stability.
                We will present this second generation machine in Chinaplas 2018 ,which is also the Asia debut. As far as we known ,for now it is the fastest cap compression molding machine in China.
                You are very welcomed to 2018 Chinaplas in shanghai from 24th Apr to 27 Apr, we are looking froward to meet you in Hall 8.1 , booth B63.